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TOPPER was a hit in virtually every aspect of media for nearly a century and is still one of the most beloved and treasured comedies of all time. Eric wrote the book and lyrics for what is about to become a sharp, funny, touching and outrageous Musical Comedy for the Stage.  Numerous songs were professionally and masterfully recorded during the pandemic by exquisite, accredited singers and musicians. Angels and Producers are actively being brought on board to to aid in moving the project forward.  More information, including fully orchestrated songs and accompanying lyric videos can be found at


After being literally drafted into the middle of a true headline story of a hate crime that wasn't a hate crime, Eric wrote the screenplay for the urban drama, WITHOUT HATE. The projected independent feature film was in pre-production, with an award winning indie director, well known actors, several accomplished producers and experienced crew members attached. Business problems put the project on temporary hold but industry insiders have suggested that it would be ideal for Netflix or HBO.  Until recently, Eric was committed to making Without Hate as a total independent but, after seeing how difficult and financially draining that could be, even with what was a considerable start up budget, he is now ready to relinquish control.  More about Without Hate and those who were involved, along with along with some advance press, can be found at  Advance critique and comments about the screenplay and story can be found here.


Eric produced and wrote the lyrics for four of the songs on EMPTY SKYLINE, a CD of September 11th related music that was written and recorded in the days after the attacks. The compilation disk, that includes the work of several celebrated singers, musicians and artists, is currently part of the Lincoln Center Library's permanent collection. It can also be found at the New York Fire Museum, the National Lighthouse Museum and a few other comparable places. Songs from the CD have been performed at numerous benefits and memorials through the years and Eric's title piece was the soundtrack of an award winning short film.  Audio clips, music videos, event pictures and additional details can be found at


Eric's socially significant, insightful and hilarious political satire, STARR'S ON BROADWAY was produced in a small theater, steps from Broadway and on video for local cable. Written and staged during the last days of the mock impeachment, the play has been called the definitive depiction of the Starr-Clinton-Lewinsky absurdities.  Several celebrated performers have expressed interest in being part of the three person, limited set play in future productions for stage or TV.  Video, audio, pictures, summaries and a significant amount of press can be found at


A month after Eric graduated from NYU Tisch Dramatic Writing Program, his first short musical, THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX, was optioned by Joseph Papp and slated to be directed and choreographed by a Tony Winning team. Though beyond control circumstances prevented it from seeing the light of a stage, the original recording was donated by the Public Theater to the permanent collection of the Lincoln Center Library.  A campy, animated video of the professionally produced theatrical recording has developed a considerable following on Youtube and can be found at Oedipus Complex Theatrical.  The shorter, original rock mini-opera version, with slightly altered animation can be found at Oedipus Complex Original.


The controversy surrounding Eric's play, HOUSING, made its way to the New York Times and was responsible for a Law being added to the New York City books. Eric was asked to speak before groups of housing activists and on the radio.  The play was briefly staged in Manhattan's East Village.  It is still rather contentious, it's more topical than it ever has been and it can easily be revisited.  To listen to a classic ten minute radio show scenario from Housing, Click Here!


Eric co-produced, co-created and starred in PARKING MADNESS IN NEW YORK, for German primetime network television.


Eric's other song lyrics have been put to music, performed and recorded by over thirty singers, bands and musicians in and around New York, in genres that include New Wave, Ballad, Protest Folk, Jazz, Blues, Country Western, Comedy, Hassidic Rap, Musical Theater and Rock Styles that range from Bubble Gum to Fifties to Psychedelic to Classic. Please click on the links to hear songs in the varying styles. The video for Eric's hard rock political anthem, Turn Around has close to fifty thousand unsolicited Youtube hits and rave reviews from a forever growing fan base.  We Never Had Our Dance, Eric's later in life blues piece was recorded and is performed on the linked video by his one of New York's more renowned and popular blues singers.


Eric's reincarnation themed romantic comedy for the screen, THE ONLY TRACE, was optioned by an independent producer who also ran out of capital.  The project had quite a bit of traction when it was first created, a half dozen original songs were recorded for the soundtrack and it could be revived, with a blink.  To hear two songs from The Only Trace, Click Here and Here.


Eric was commissioned to adapt an East Indian film into the screenplay, INDIAN SUPERSTAR, and an East Indian screenplay into the initial script for the Bollywood film, ON THE OTHER SIDE.


Eric's plays, I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL and THE ASSASSINATION THAT SAVED JOHN'S PIZZERIA were produced at the Bank Street Theater in downtown Manhattan. 


Eric's written numerous sketches, treatments, speculative teleplays and even a few lost screenplays and plays that can easily be found again.


Eric co-produced, wrote speeches and coordinated talent for several large scale, celebrity filled charity events in New York, at venues like City Center and the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Marquis.


Eric was a recurring guest on Howard Stern's radio show, back in the day, and he created two hour long classic segments that have been repeated, through the years. He was a featured guest on the Joe Franklin Show and had an open invitation to return.  He was also interviewed on the Joey Reynolds Show, the Artist First Radio Network and on numerous other radio and cable programs. Eric's various projects have been written about in Cindy Adams' New York Post column, Liz Smith's nationally syndicated page, The New York Times (we saw this one),  Broadway Now,  Brooklyn Skyline, Backstage,, Time Out New York, Newsday (we saw this one too), the Brooklyn Graphic and Hamptons dot com.


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All Lyrics & Scripted Pieces by Eric Zaccar

Topper songs: Music by G. H. Brown; Performed by Samantha Echo, Mike Messer, D.C. Anderson, Carl J. Danielsen & Nina Berman

Starr's on Broadway Audio & Video: Performed by Tom Shillue, Carl Kissin, Natalie Blalock, Christie Klein & Michelle Peters

Radio Sequence from the play, Housing: Starring Marc Coppola, Claire Carter & Tyrus

The Oedipus Complex, Mini-Opera: Music & Performance by Linda Edlund

The Oedipus Complex, Theatrical Interpretation: Music by Linda Edlund; Performed by Mike Messer, Clare Cooper, Larry Purifory & Bob Fucaloro

Empty Skyline Songs: Music & Performances by James Raddock, Grace Clark, Mike Boldt & Carolynn Black

No More Kamikazes (New Wave): Music & Performance by Rod Rodkin

Is This Our Moment (Ballad): Music by Linda Edlund; Performed by Marleah Martin

Ode to the Persian Gulf (Protest Folk): Music & Performance by Linda Edlund

Play it Again (Jazz): Music & Performance by Mike Boldt

Forever in Her Grace (Blues):  Music by Rod Rodkin; Performed by Gregory Rahming

The Legend of Tiny Tim (Country Western): Music by Clare Cooper; Performed by Ron Rodkin & Clare Cooper

The Lost Legend of Saran Wrap Man (Comic): Performed by Mike Messer

The Ballad of Hymie Eingelfat (Hassidic Rap): Performed by Hymie Eingelfat

Lamb & Eggs (Theatrical): Music by G. H. Brown; Performed by Samantha Echo, Mike Messer & D.C. Anderson

Lifeguard (Bubble Gum Rock): Music & Performance by Clare Cooper

Talkin Bout Connie (Fifties Rock): Performed by Anonymous

Maggie was Her Name (Psychedelic): Music & Performance by Mike Boldt

Nicola (Classic Rock): Music & Performance by Mike Butler

Turn Around (Hard Rock Political Anthem): Music & Performance by Mike Boldt

We Never Had Our Dance (Blues): Music by Mark Shamrakov; Performed by Amy Coleman & Clare Cooper

The Only Trace (Progressive): Music by Jeff Bialer; Performed by Grace Clark

Love Gone Bye (Classic Rock): Music, Performance & Additional Lyrics by Jeff Bialer

Photos by Mumbo Lenny & the Cascal

(c) 2022 by Eric Zaccar




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