Though Eric Zaccar (dot com) is still but a work in progress, you can stay current on the progress of Eric's upcoming feature film WITHOUT HATE, by regularly checking

You can explore a bit more of this playwright, lyricist and screenwriter's work by visiting the multi-media website for Eric's social satire for the stage, STARR'S ON BROADWAY, at!

You can be one of nearly fifty thousand people to watch Eric's riveting & critically acclaimed music video, TURN AROUND:


You can watch Eric's the music video, put together by the Art for Healing Foundation, for Eric's moving and passionate song, written after the 9-11 attacks, EMPTY SKYLINE:


You can take a quick glance at Eric's IMDB page!

You can watch a ten minute VIDEO MONTAGE from Eric's social satire for the stage, STARR'S ON BROADWAY!


You can watch a five minute COMMUNITY SERVICE MONICA-LOGUE, also from STARR'S ON BROADWAY!

You can do word searches and find honorable mentions of Eric in all kinds of other outrageous places, like Kenneth Starr's Wikipedia Page, The New York Shakespeare Festival Archives,  Bensonhurst, Brooklyn Explained, or Howard Stern's IMDB Page! 

You can watch the Original Rock Mini-Opera of THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX, Eric Zaccar's short musical for the stage that was optioned by Joseph Papp, once upon a distant dream!

Or you can see the ready to stage Scripted Storyboard Theatrical Version of THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX:

You can see some of Eric's theater credits at the Official Database of Playwrights.

You can watch a simple performance Eric's first attempt at a genuine blues anthem, the soon to be classic WE NEVER HAD OUR DANCE

You can browse through photographs of some of the more illustrious people that Eric has encountered along the road, at the starrdi's wall page, borrowed from his starrplay website.

You can surf the web on your own and find one or two more articles, stories and videos about Eric and his ongoing tribulations and triumphs.

And by the time you get through all of that, Eric Zaccar (dot com) should be complete (but by then, you'll doubtlessly be burned out on the arguably ego-maniacal subject).

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